Gender pay gap

Gender pay gap report
United Kingdom


The most important thing in our business is our people. At Travelport we believe that having an inclusive culture sits at the heart of our ability to succeed, so we must create an environment which values and respects everyone for who they are and what they bring. Inclusivity fosters diversity. Having colleagues from different backgrounds, with different views, ideas and experiences encourages collaboration and innovation to helps us anticipate the needs of our customers. Our goal is to create a place where everyone can be their best selves and achieve their full potential.

I am very proud to be part of this organization. We know that like many of our peers in the technology sector, we need to do more to attract and retain women in senior roles. We’ve recently established an Employee Resource Community focused on supporting women at all stages of their careers within Travelport, one output of which should be to help ensure our gender pay gap will decrease over the coming years. Creating a diverse and gender balanced team will not only reflect our customers but will also be a great place to work for all our colleagues.

Gordon Wilson, CEO

Our Travelport Inclusive Diversity Strategy
TravelportID is owned and driven by the business.  We want everyone at Travelport to have a sense of belonging and pride in our brand; for people to feel trusted and valued for what they bring to work every day and all our colleagues to feel comfortable to be themselves. We’re right at the start of this journey and will continue to press for progress within the company and across our sector. Through authentic leadership actively role modelling the right behaviours will really foster an inclusive culture; involvement in our ID network activity and participation and sponsorship of our unconscious bias training we plan to roll out later this year. We also have to tackle this issue at the grass roots so that we see more of a balance at the early careers stage. So we are also starting to partner with schools and colleges in the communities within which we operate to help young girls to understand and think more positively about careers in Technology.

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